Monday, August 9, 2010

Fired up!

Two years ago I worked in Flowing Wells as a high school World History teacher. It was my first public school job (worked three years at charter schools) so I was really nervous for the school year. Three weeks prior to school starting they ushered all first year teachers through an intense training program that completely changed the way I teach. I learned so much, but still felt confident I could use the techniques I learned in the classroom. I also met the most wonderful people there. The teachers were excited about their jobs, genuinely liked the kids and were involved in sponsoring extra-curricular activities (we had to, but most seemed enthusiastic). The principals were supportive and the counselors were helpful. It was the best school year I have had in my career. That may have changed as time went on, but I truly loved that job.
I still do love teaching, but it is not the same as working at Flowing Wells. This year we have a new principal, but I am cautiously optimistic. Our school was hit hard by poor leadership, infighting among the office personnel and a general feeling of malaise among the teachers. I will take the optimism Flowing Wells has for its school year with me and try to be the best I can be for myself and these kids. Watch this video! F-Dub it up!

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