Sunday, August 8, 2010


I'm having a serious case of the blah's whenever I think about school. We are moving out of the house we are living in now to a new house that is much older, but closer to where everything is in Shreveport. The bathroom was neon orange, so I spent a day priming and then painting three coats of paint around the bathroom (Thanks Erin!). I also painted the dining room a bright blue in place of the dark green walls. The other rooms are also hunter green, but I don't have the desire to paint anymore. I painted and decorated the two most visible rooms to where I want them and I will have to leave it at that. We are still moving this week and will finish next weekend. Needless to say, school has taken a back seat. I will show up on August 16th for in-service training and then we will start August 18th. I'll be fine, but I have to get over the "blah, blah,blah's" before then. I promise more positive blog posts next week!

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