Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I created this in my class today. I took the PowerPoint presentation I did last year for the beginning of the year and then made it into this presentation using Prezi. The questions "Who are you?" etc. will be answered by me during the presentation, so there are some holes...but you get the general idea. It snazzes up presentations a little, don't you think? I was most impressed by this website, but I will continue to share more in the coming days! You can get an educator account for free on www.prezi.com or you can play around on a more basic level. Tomorrow I learn about SmartBoards!


  1. The prezi program looks really neat, and I like your introduction, starting the travel theme for the year.
    I have thought about assigning a travel brochure for the students during Westward Expansion or Immigration, including information on waves of migration/reasons for migration/push/pull factors, what life was like for the migrants, etc. Might be a fun way to tie in some travel stuff?
    I want to see finished photos of the classroom with all the new stuff. And let us know if you need any help moving- still the 15th?